New Organization (Company)

Spill That Tea 

(A Women Empowerment Organization)

Spill That Tea is an organization created to talk all about the truth. Rather it's your truth or someone's definition of your truth. A truth from someone else that can be misconstrued, the truth with a little extra sauce, just plain ole gossip or as well call it "he say, she say". Those that tell your truth may not understand that the information being spoken may be a solid, painful incident/experience for you that may have come from a place deep in your heart. The experience could have changed your life or the person's life forever, but guess what? It doesn't matter because that tea was spilt.

Spill That Tea is not an organization created to hurt or harm but to empower and help women get through trauma they have experience in their lives. It is an organization where women of all colors have experienced the same pain but can share that pain to help someone else. Spill That Tea is a company that builds women up and encourages women to take a stand for themselves by fighting for healing from abuse, violence, cancer, hurt, a broken heart, surgery, death or whatever they need healing from. Spill That Tea will be a listening ear. You can count on us to be here whenever you need someone to talk to.

Spilling That Tea 

(Support Group)

Our support group "Spilling That Tea" host group sessions either monthly or quarterly. At the sessions we talk about abuse, violence, health, prosperity, growth, strength, success tools and many more topics. The support sessions are for women that need to vent (spill the tea) about events or things taking place in their lives and they need the love and support of their sisters. Spilling That Tea is not just for the woman that is hurting but also for the sister that just wants to bond with other sisters and know they will not be judged.

Confidentiality: Spill That Tea is a support group that understands the need for confidentiality. We have put in place an agreement that must be signed and submitted by each sister that attends the support group. The agreement must be submitted for each session. As part of the agreement all cellular devices must be turned off or put on silent(In case of emergencies) and will be placed in a bin. This will take place after the first 10 minutes of entry and can be retrieved the last 10 minutes before the session has ended. This gives the sisters a chance to take pictures, answer texts and put the phone away.

Pictures/Social Media: Pictures may be taken during the first and last 10 minutes of the session. If a sister does not want their picture taken, they can state this information to their fellow sisters and the organization leader. Spill That Tea will not put the support group session on social media. Social media will only be used to promote upcoming events or for special events.

Spill That Tea Partnerships

Spill That Tea partners with many organizations to celebrate and support events that focus on abuse, health and success. 

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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness


Breast Cancer Awareness


Breast Cancer Awareness


Domestic Violence Awareness

Upcoming Events

Due to COVID-19 all upcoming events have been postponed until further notice.

Spill That Tea's Annual Event

High Hat Tea

Spill That Tea 

Presents (our annual event)

High Hat Tea

This annual event usually takes place in July where women get together and enjoy a fun filled, relaxing, classy event with women of all ages, colors and backgrounds. The gathering is called a High Hat Tea because the women come dressed for a new-age formal tea party where they get to enjoy food, performances, poetry, music, presentations, participate in a fashion show and get to bond with other women. 

The High Hat Tea has taken place for the last 2 years and has been the highlight of Spill That Tea Organization. If you would like more information about this event or other events planned by Spill That Tea (Organize Your Way), please feel free to contact us at or 312-810-6110.


Spilling That Tea Support Group Sessions

All Spilling That Tea Support Group Sessions have been postponed until further notice.